faen-conf.pngThe Symposium “FY FAEN SÅ BRA – eksperiment av norske kvinnelige kunstnere” reflects on the history, current state and the possible futures of the experimental art scene in Norway through the perspective of female artists and art practitioners. The symposium takes a historical and critical perspective – using archiving and publishing projects as critical tools to discover historical tendencies and important turning points in the field.

Who are these female artists?
What did they do?
Why was it important?
When did they do it?

Through keynote lectures and panel discussions we will uncover the female role in the artistic experimentations throughout the past three decades. The keynote speakers include – Tanya Toft (DK), curator, critic and author of upcoming book Digital Dynamics In Nordic Contemporary Art, Janne Stang Dahl (NO), Alessandro Ludovico (IT), editor in chief of Neural Magazine -the leading international art magazine of experimental electronic arts since 1993- and the initiator of The Temporary Library project.

The two day symposium aims at discovering new strategies to support and encourage young female artists to step forward. Important for that to succeed is the knowledge transfer from the established artists and art institutions to the young. Another topic of the symposium is the lack of educational programs in Norway supporting the experimental arts. Yet another issue and focus is the need for talent development programs.

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