FAEN Academy is a pilot project supporting the development of new artworks by young female artists working with experimental art in Norway.

FAEN Academy focuses on art productions from concept to exhibition-ready work in close collaboration with FAEN partners.

FAEN Academy offers young artists support and advice from established artists and experts in the field through workshops, meetings, and ongoing guidance throughout the production.

FAEN Academy is initiated and organized by Zane Cerpina / TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre.

FAEN artists work with cutting edge art and experimental artistic approaches. We address and challenge contemporary issues in society, politics, culture, and ecology.

FAEN artists strive for art that makes the audience question and reflect on the world through new, unique experiences and perspectives.

We believe that art becomes powerful and impactful when exploratory and experimental. Art needs to challenge and address the most critical contemporary issues in society.

FAEN makes us see the world from a new perspective.