s h i f t   d i g i t a l

By Annike Flo

These are strange times for metaorganisms.

s h i f t   d i g i t a l is a performative scenographic experiment reacting to the pandemic by tying together our digital lives with the microbes we share our bodies and spaces with.

s h i f t    d i g i t a l  is inspired by the Human Microbiome Project which has revealed that microorganisms living within us play key parts in, and influence our immune system, our brain, and our genome, which all used to be biological explanations of the individual self. What we consider human and our surroundings grow and dissolve into one another. Away from a purely scientific lens, s h i f t gives space to, nurtures and allows microorganisms to flourish. How and where do we start to feel like metaorganisms?


Annike Flo
Through her practice, Annike Flo investigates how to create in the age of the Anthropocene, working with themes of agency, and our relationship to ourselves and other organisms from a scenographic perspective. By including others who do their own worlding in staged spatial events, together with a human audience and herself, her work plays with the fusing of reality and performance. Next to her artistic practice, she also holds the position as project manager of Norwegian BioArt Arena, NOBA which is the first permanent arena for bioart in Norway. Annike Flo holds an MA in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2018) and a BA in costume for performance from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts (2010). With over 8 years of experience working as a costume designer in London, she specialized in design for immersive and participatory theatre (secret cinema, punch drunk, immersive cult).