No Strings Attached – A Profound Doubt

By Anja Malec

No Strings Attached – A Profound Doubt explores the heavy use of algorithms in self-help apps and softwares found online. If choosing the right partner is the most crucial decision in life, then love is an essential key to human happiness. No Strings Attached haunts with our mental state when caught up fighting for perfection in love-life. Exploiting popular technological trends, the artwork is yet another tool to reassure and soothe our deeply human insecurities when seeking love. Ironically, by offering a set of dysfunctional self-help tools, the artwork haunts your dating life.

Anja Malec

Anja Malec (HR/NO) works in video, audio/visual performance, and installation, moving from the static object toward the interactive installations and engagement of the audience with work. The internet and media culture define Malec’s art practice. Through artistic practice, she explores the phenomenon of human flaws as a side effect of the digital lifestyle or the ones emphasized by digitalization. She takes a creative and playful approach to represent this somewhat complicated social state of mind. Anja Malec graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, and gained a BA in animation from Volda University College, Norway.