Tanya Toft Ag: Phenomenal Feminisms

Phenomenal Feminisms

The keynote takes off in the book Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art (2019) with the question: What does it mean to do ‘female experiments’? Art’s experiments are phenomenal microspheres. What we perceive as real and imagined phenomena, when we move closer, are molecules, photons, and symbols configured into form and meaning. In speculating on trajectories of feminisms from quantum physics, molecular biology, and neuroscientific theory, I inquire into what it means – or could mean – to experiment with art through phenomenal feminisms. I propose a way of seeing art’s experiment not as a participant in grand narratives that determine our fate with technology as a fixed-directional drive towards the end, deriving from philosophies of the Greeks, but rather as something that gives life, that begins; something that enables different ways of working with matter, producing knowledge, and affecting the world through art.

TanyaToftAg (1)Dr. Tanya Toft Ag

Dr. Tanya Toft Ag is a curator and scholar focused on perceptual experience, memory, and technogenesis in relation to media art and media aesthetic phenomena. Her curatorial engagements with media-based art in the urban domain span across Sao Paulo, New York City and the Nordic region including co-curation of the Screen City Biennial 2017 in Stavanger. She is editor of Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art (Intellect, 2019) and currently a Visiting Fellow at the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong where she researches philosophies, psychologies, and media aesthetic dimensions of ‘expanded reality’.