Natalie Seifert Eliassen : MyBMB

MyBMB: My body is my business
av Natalie Seifert Eliassen

Natalie Seifert Eliassen’s art installation and performance “MyBMB: My Body – My Business” represents cutting edge artistic research addressing a stigmatized profession in Norway: sex workers.

To produce MyBMB Natalie has investigated the lives of numerous sex workers based in Norway. Through interviews and video/audio recordings she has gained insights into the most intimate but also bizarre aspects of this profession. Who chooses to be a sex worker in a welfare state like Norway? Why? How are these individuals perceived by society? And how does this work affects their private lives outside the work?

MyBMB gives an insight into these and many more questions through an art installation, consisting of several artistic elements, such as a video, unique face masks made out of belongings of the interviewed sex workers, and an interactive element – a chance to chat with a Norwegian sex worker through a mobile app at the exhibition.

As part of the exhibition opening, Natalie has also invited several sex workers to be present at the show.

On the 17th of October, during the exhibition opening Natalie will give a performative lecture, talking about her installation and the investigated topic from her own perspective as a young female artist.



Natalie Seifert Eliassen

Natalie Seifert Eliassen (NO, f. 1993) har en BA i kunst fra Kunstakademiet i Bergen. Jobber som performancekunstner, samt som kostymedesigner i Bergen og Oslo. Hun vil minske stigmatisering ved å lage kunst om intime og tabubelagte temaer som: seksuell frigjøring, dating, eskorte virksomhet, feminisme, og psykisk helse. Hun mener enkeltpersoners historier er mer rørende og forklarende enn statistikker.

Instagram: @nataliese